What is Vision Therapy?


Vision therapy is a specialized area of Optometric care. Developmental optometrists examine the eye brain connection. Research reveals vision dysfunction is linked to learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders and ADD/ADHD. Vision problems are common and pervasive in head traumas, such as concussions.

Visual skills can be retrained and enhanced with Optometric Vision Therapy. Even if you have “20/20 eyesight” you may have poor visual skills such as tracking. Developmental optometrist assess your functional vision not just your acuities. As the primary sense, vision leads motor development and function. Vision is connected closely with balance. Visual skills are learned and can be improved with the right plan.

Vision Development

Vision development is a continuous ever changing process that spans from birth to death and is directly linked to movement.  Starting in-utero primitive reflexes initiate movement.  Peripheral vision  forms first as it relates to spatial orientation and gravity.  The macula, the part of the eye responsible for clear vision, forms last.  Vision consists of  light and shadows at first.  After birth, development of retina depends on interaction with environment.  Activities such as sucking and crawling, tummy time all provide opportunities for visual development.  As a child begins to move, binocularity emerges.  This is also the time that binocular can breakdown and infantile esotropia occurs. Guiding development is possible, there is no critical period where intervention is too early or too late.  The neuroplastic brain continues to change as we age, and is dependent on movement to keep working to its potential.